PROC001 web, patch loading
PROC002 plate/cylinder shear
PROC003 annular plate, outer edge ss, inner edge normal line force
PROC004 jib heel tube
PROC005 diaphragm at member elbow
PROC006 beam-column
PROC007 flange bearing dissapation
PROC008 cantilever pin root
PROC009 coords transformation
PROC010 chord-brace joint
PROC011 load monitoring shear pin
PROC012 Pin Shear & Bending
PROC013 Pin Plates
PROC014 member, arbitary section, combined loading
PROC015 member, lattice, combined loading
PROC016 iso bolts, combined loading
PROC017 vector triangle
PROC018 rigid body equalibrium 2d
PROC019 member, cylinder, combined loading
PROC020 slewring bolts, combined loading
PROC021 rope socket, hoop stress
PROC022 member, box, combined loading
PROC023 lug weld
PROC024 failure criteria
PROC025 hinge lug forces
PROC026 point mass loading
PROC027 slotted beam
PROC028 deep beams, udl & point force
PROC029 wide beam
PROC030 beam, wide flanges, shear lag
PROC031 outstanding flanges, local buckling
PROC032 latticed columns, stability
PROC033 cylinder bearing on flat steel plate
PROC034 key/keyway
PROC035 rectangular plate, elastic stability, compression shear & bending
PROC037 strut, elastic stability, perry robertson
PROC038 rope strength
PROC039 thin webs, local buckling
PROC040 skeletal column, stability
PROC041 beam member, axial & shear forces, bending moment
PROC042 disc supported by sinusoidal shear or normal line force
PROC043 wind force
PROC044 section, rectangular elements, torsion
PROC045 web stiffeners, bs5400:pt3:fig23
PROC046 lug/diaphragm
PROC047 universal beam, torsional/flexural stability
PROC048 bracket fixed to part of cylinder circumference
PROC049 linear to points distribution transformation
PROC050 accelerations at point, ship motions
PROC051 open stiffeners, bs5400:pt3:appendixc:1982
PROC052 ship motions, lr rules pt3, ch14 pt3 ch14 sec8 table14.8.2
PROC053 plate/stiffener section properties
PROC054 stiffener/panel shear distribution
PROC055 beam supported by bhd, vertical direct stress
PROC056 depth of additional bulkhead stiffeners supporting seat
PROC057 vector analysis
PROC058 pipe gimbal loads
PROC059 circular shaft, square shoulder, bending & tension scfs
PROC060 clamped bolt, friction torsion
PROC061 spigot analysis
PROC062 helical spring analysis
PROC063 gear tooth strength
PROC064 spigot fatigue qualification
PROC065 strength of angles, bac16.1.3 datasheet
PROC066 lug strength, bac datasheet 15.2.1
PROC067 Fillet Weld Strength
PROC070 hydraulic cylinder
PROC071 hoist drum
PROC072 Contact Pressure between Two Bodies (Hertz Stresses)
PROC073 Winch Foundation - 4 Point Fixing Forces 160404
PROC074 API RP 2C Offshore Crane Loading
PROC075 Bolted Joint Prising 190112