BAS Programs

BAS001 Logical list combinations
BAS002 4 vector polygon
BAS003 Simply supported beam with line forces
BAS004 Bolt group
BAS005 Fatigue life, hse offshore installations, section a21.2
BAS006 Polynomial equation of line
BAS007 Section props, sequential nodes method, elastic & plastic
BAS008 Section props, flat plate assy method
BAS009 CALCS Macros
BAS010 Winch Drum Analysis
BAS011 Car performance estimate
BAS012 Matrix stiffness frame analysis
BAS013 Perspective plot
BAS014 CALCS Control Program
BAS015 Catenary analysis
BAS016 Unit case combinations
BAS017 Section shear flow, flat plate stiffness method
BAS018 Simply supported beam with point forces
BAS019 Barge hull girder
BAS020 Crane analysis program
BAS021 Fatigue load combinations
BAS022 Rigid body loads by fem
BAS023 Rigid body loads by etb
BAS024 CALCS Interpreter Program
BAS025 Graph Plot
BAS026 CALCS Maths Library
BAS027CALCS to <html> Conversion
BAS029FEA Added Mass