Calcs is a personal endeavor undertaken by a practicing engineer, experienced in the design & analysis of safety critical structures & mechanical systems.

Why Calcs? It is a test bed for developing ideas and practical analytic methods. While there are various aspirations & uses for the system, these are not strong drivers towards some eventual objective. This is left open to fate.

Understanding fundamentals is considered specially important in work on complex systems. For this reason, I am thankful for generous training & mentoring received in metal working processes & analytic procedures.

The majority of my early years working was as an aerospace stress engineer. I commenced this at BAe (Brough) and then married, we moved to Luton and I worked on the Nimrod AEW avionics fitment at Marconi in Hemel Hempstead. Following this, there were a number of stress engineering contract roles at BAe (Hatfield & Prestwick), Marshall's (Cambridge) and in Israel.

This background led to the study of Structural Design, in the College of Aeronautics at Cranfield. My project was concerned with FRP composite structures.

I moved into the marine industry and worked on ship & crane structures in Barrow, London, Glasgow, Newcastle & Holland. I have also worked in the offshore industry as a structural engineer.

Gaining first post & subsequent experience as a stress engineer in the aerospace industry was a personal achievement. Study for a higher degree was undertaken in order to safeguard working as a professional engineer and to enable access to a wider sc ope of industry. Further achievements were posts gained in the industry & institutions of marine engineering.

Engineering is my vocation.

Eric Reed
Newcastle, England